8 Things That Make You Proud of NUST!

8 Things That Make You Proud of NUST :  NUST is believed to be the most prestigious university of Pakistan. It is the leader in the field of sciences and technology. There are some facts about NUST which make its students proud of their institution. They feel proud in being a part of NUST.

8 Things That Make You Proud of NUST!

8 Things That Make You Proud of NUST!

1.  World Ranking

NUST is ranked in top 500 institutes of the world by QS-rankings, which is an achievement which shows the true worth and standards of studying in NUST. The QS-rankings also ranks NUST in the listof ‘World’s Elite Institutions’.

2. Top 50 Under 50

NUST is also in the list of top 50 universities of the world which are under the age of 50. This shows how fast NUST has grown so big.

3. First Rank for Engineering and Technology

HEC ranks NUST at number-1 when it comes to Engineering and Technology. NUST’s engineering programs are considered to be the best engineering programs in Pakistan.

4. Environment Friendly Campus

Main Campus of NUST is in H-12, Islamabad. This is the first environment friendly campus in Pakistan.
NUST doesn’t allow smoking inside the campus, and amazingly, no polythene bags are used in NUST even at cafeterias. Even vehicles are not allowed to cross the speed limit of 40 KPH.

5. Sense of Superiority

NUST chooses a very few people from a stream of thousands applying for it, so if you are inside NUST, it means you have some guts and you have beaten thousands to be here. It also means that everybody you see around yourself in NUST has the same or higher caliber than of yourself. So, you most of the times feel superior than students of any other university. You can make a good impression on anybody by just telling them that you are studying in NUST. Because NUST is the dream place of every student.

6. Innovation at its Maximum

NUST encourages innovation. NUST focuses on benefiting the society by encouraging students to work on projects which have never made already. This makes the students think in a new positive direction and this the cause the students of NUST are ahead of everyone in bringing forward new ideas that can change the society.

8 Things That Make You Proud of NUST

7. Everything Under One Cover

The H-12 Campus of NUST houses many departments such as NBS, SEECS, SCEE, S3H, SMME, SNS, etc. Together they offer more than 95 Undergraduate & Postgraduate programs and more than 40 PhD programs. The campus is so big it is on a complete block of the city and is more than 700 Acres in area. It includes a Bank, Barber shops, Tailors, Marts, Cafe`s, Bakeries, Book-Shops, ATMs, a Lake (Yes, NUST has a Lake, and there are swans in there!), all the departments and hostels.

8. An Institution With an Aim

NUST is an institution working for some good purpose. They aim to develop NUST as a research-led institute with focus on ‘technology’, ‘innovation’ and ‘entrepreneurship’.
Although they are on top of all the universities in Pakistan, they are still struggling to rise higher in global rankings, according to administration of NUST, they do not even think they are in competition with any Pakistani university. They are competing with international universities and their standards of education.

These are the things that make you proud if you are a student of NUST.

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