NBS / S3H Entry Test – A Complete Guide

A Complete Guide for NBS / S3H Entry Test

A Complete Guide for NBS / S3H Entry Test

NUST has become a viable part of our modern educational schemes bringing in the best competition of students from all over, organizing them to the extent of being fruitful, and giving out ingenious minds to the practical world. However, in order to gain all this ease, you just need to do one basic thing that is to prove that you do belong in a high-ranked university as NUST.  Computer-based tests are conducted for NBS/S3H entry test.

To become a business student or social science student, you must depict your desire to be a deserving one.  Candidates feel confused and they say they are going to screw up big time but such students must remember that sometimes you must forget what you feel and remember what you deserve.  If you have the will to be a part of NBS/S3H, you have to work for the entry test. Bachelor in Business Administration, Accounting, and Finance, Mass Communication, Public Administration hence many other fields you can prefer relating your satisfaction.

A Complete Guide for NBS / S3H Entry Test

To get admission in NBS/S3H, first, you need to know that it is different from tests of other fields and quite convenient.  It contains three sections, first is the Mathematics portion.  Normally, Mathematics seems like a tricky thing but in this test the Mathematics questions are general with short calculations and some questions even do not need any calculation. Questions are authentic and genuine .Candidate expects longer calculations so they indulge themselves in practicing those questions which are not important on part of the entry test.  Focus on MCQ based short questions, as this section, comprises mostly of them.

Second is the English portion.  The key to solve this portion is to have good command in vocabulary.  Select your best ideas and relax your thoughts.  This section mostly consists of synonyms and antonyms, sentence correction and picking the odd ones out.  Few of the times a paragraph is given and candidates are required to critically analyze it and select the best option that best explains it’s theme.

Last but not the least is the Intelligence portion. This section is intended to test the intellect of the candidates and how logical can they make things and handle data. It mostly comprises of sequence and series questions and other logical reasoning questions that needs to be analyzed with full esteem.  Few of these questions are also verbal ones that are important to test IQ of the candidates.


Overall, there is nothing complicated about the test, questions are self-explanatory and environment convenient.  There is a total of 200 MCQs in this test out of which 80 are for Mathematics, 80 for English and 40 for Intelligence.  Candidates are expected to allocate their time efficiently.  Prepare yourself for the best and the most spectacular time of your life.  Your mindset to become a business student or a social science student must be clear from your body language.  This test facilitates your skills and encourages you to perform your level best. Hope to see you as a part of NBS/S3H in the coming year. Remember, do not stress, do your best, forget the rest.

Source: Muhammad Huzair (BBA NBS Batch 2k16)

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  1. Bro hello.
    I need info regarding NBS BBA TEST mine is on 11th Dec, how much marks i need to get into it, Metric 906 Fsc 704 & what chapters should i go through in general mathematics & verbal english, which book & site should i consult with & kaya mera admission ho jaye ga?

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    • Answer to the first question is that you need to get a minimum of above 110 marks at least .secondly for general maths you should prepare chapter 4 6 and 7 from 1st-year book and chapter 1 from 2nd year. You can learn Verbal English from any source as it mostly includes synonyms antonyms.You can learn them from our site too. http://thenustian.com/repeated-english-words-net/

      And the second one that will you get admission depends on how much you struggle for it and how much answers you get correct . It’s up to you.

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      • Thanks for answering, the link you have provided for the most repeated english words i have learned them all, the other words which you have mentioned to be the important should i go through it as well or just repeated words are enough?

        What things i should do in Basic Maths?

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        • You should go through the other words too…and also chapters are mentioned in which you have to do some sort of general maths as well

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          • i just saw someones comment on a site that these things come only
            “Ratio and proportion
            Word problems
            Profit and loss problems
            Age problems
            Basic Geometry

            is this true?
            i did only 1st years chapter’s if it’s true then from where i can prepare them?

          • These things are of prime importance but the other things can’t be ignored.If these things make 60-70 percent then don’t forget that other things also make 30-40 percent.

          • Where should i practice these then any book or site for basic maths?

          • ?

          • After tests is there interview too for NBS?

          • No..There is no concept of interview..You just have to get over the exam..

          • Okay thanks alot mate morning is my net 1 for business, i’ll leave for Islamabad by 4 AM I.A any tips about anything that could be helpful for test?

          • I got 104 marks & i’m like totally depressed right now as i gave Basic Maths a very huge time, marks are as follows:
            Maths 52
            English 30
            IQ 22

            Almost more than 60% of English mcqs i didn’t even read as i failed to score due to time management, first subject i did was Basic Maths jon sa mcq nahi araha tha us “B” luga diya kion k zayada answers “B” thay, 1 hour or 30 mints main nay Maths main luga diye phir main tension main agya tha or IQ main aya jo atay gaye karta gaya na atay gaye “B” luga diye phir English main aya end main to thoray kiye mcqs or time like 20 mints reh gaye thay bus, phir comprehensions like 30 hon gi etna time nahi tha sab ko “B” Luga diya baghair parhay or WORDS muhskil use kiye ve thay un ko “B”. IQ kay remaining k liye bhi time nahi raha tha. ;-;

            To NET 2 ki tyari muje shrh abhi se ker deni chahye? or Kaya strategy rakhni chhaye es bar? q kay main abhi filhal FAST main hun per ACF or BBA karna hai nust say.

  2. Thanks for answering, the link you have provided for the most repeated english words i have learned them all, the other words which you have mentioned to be the important should i go through it as well or just repeated words are enough?

    What things i should do in Basic Maths?

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  3. My marks in matric are 80.7% marks in part 1 are 77% and I have got 117 in NET-1.
    I am in safe zone or not?? I will also try to improve it but are these the numbers of safe zone?
    First priority is BBA

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    • For BBA 125 is safe, you’ll get in all except BBA

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  4. sir bs accounting and finance ke liye kitne number chaheye hoin gein

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    • We will tell you soon.

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    • Call +923416994838 for assistance.

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  5. Hi
    I got 130 in net 2 and my aggregate is now 66.4
    Is this aggregate save for bba or not?

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    • You need to Improve a lot.BBA has limited number of seats.You need an aggregate of round about 75 to get into it.

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