Past Papers of NET (Chemistry)
Past Papers of NET (Chemistry)   Here are the Past Papers of NET (Chemistry) compiled from the NETs conducted in the last few years. If you want to perform well in NET, then Past papers will surely help you a lot. Do prepare them well a day or two before your NET. These will help you… (0 comment)

How to Prepare For NET
  How to Prepare For NET It’s a period of 4 years which everyone has to pass through to make his dreams come true. Dream to become an engineer, a doctor, a businessman, an economist or else. But on the top of it, you have to get into some institute (probably the best) to achieve… (2 comments)

Most Important Chapters for NET
Most Important Chapters for NET MATHEMATICS: PART-1 : Chapter # 3,4,6,7,8,12 PART-2 : Chapter # 1,4,6 Topics: Quadratic Equation, Sequences and Series, Probability Permutation and Combination, Binomial Theorem, Solution of Triangles, Limits and Functions, Analytical Geometry  Conic Section and General Math. 1) Sequence and Series 2) Trigonometry 3) Conic Section 4) Analytical geometry 5) Probability,… (0 comment)

DICE 2016 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Mega Event
DICE NUST DICE marks the confluence of Industry and academia; where minds meet mazuma; where innovation meets implementation; where entrepreneurship is topic du jour; where mantra is innovate irrespective of affluence or deep pockets and become integral to thriving economy. DICEs vision is to foster an innovation & entrepreneurship culture in Pakistan and help it… (0 comment)

Marks of Toppers in NET 2015
Marks of Toppers in NET 2015   Here is a list of toppers who secured top marks in NUST Entrance Test 2015. The list of toppers in NET 2016 will be uploaded soon after confirmation from NUST officials. NUST Aggregate Calculator   Closing Merit of NUST 2016     Expected Merits of NUST H-12 Next… (2 comments)

NUST Hostel Life – A Boys Perspective
NUST Hostel Life Hotel Life is a dream life for most of the students who have not experienced it before. They are excited at joining hostel and living an independent life. A life in which you have to do everything on your own and there is no one to put limits on you. You feel… (2 comments)

Fee Structure of NUST
Fee Structure of NUST Studying at NUST is the dream of every single Pakistani student.It is because of its Top Ranking in Pakistan and its World Class ranking.But Most of the students cannot afford to study at NUST.Here we are providing you the complete fee structure of NUST to make you aware of the expenses… (1 comment)

Expected Merits of NUST H-12 Next Year
Expected Merits of NUST Next Year The merit of NUST has been increasing day by day.It was far more easy to get admission at NUST a few years ago.But now the case is not same.It is now more difficult for the students to get admission in their desired fields.Keeping in view the merit increasing trends… (7 comments)