RUMI Hostel NUST One of the best things of being a Nustian is the hostel. Living in hostel changes your lifestyle. And the most elite hostel you can get in NUST is the RUMI hostel. Rumi hostels are reserved for PG students with some exceptions for UG students. Most of the 2016 batch were given… (0 comment)

NUST Hostel Life – A Boys Perspective
NUST Hostel Life Hotel Life is a dream life for most of the students who have not experienced it before. They are excited at joining hostel and living an independent life. A life in which you have to do everything on your own and there is no one to put limits on you. You feel… (2 comments)

The Preliminary “azaadi feels” If Nust hostel life is your first experience at hostel life then you would definitely be excited as hell to have those “azaadi feels”. Spending 24/7  with your mates chilling around is really a fantasy for a typical Pakistani girl. And the beauty of Nust makes it all look like a… (8 comments)