Marks of Toppers in NET 2015
Marks of Toppers in NET 2015   Here is a list of toppers who secured top marks in NUST Entrance Test 2015. The list of toppers in NET 2016 will be uploaded soon after confirmation from NUST officials. NUST Aggregate Calculator   Closing Merit of NUST 2016     Expected Merits of NUST H-12 Next… (2 comments)

Fee Structure of NUST
Fee Structure of NUST Studying at NUST is the dream of every single Pakistani student.It is because of its Top Ranking in Pakistan and its World Class ranking.But Most of the students cannot afford to study at NUST.Here we are providing you the complete fee structure of NUST to make you aware of the expenses… (1 comment)

Expected Merits of NUST H-12 Next Year
Expected Merits of NUST Next Year The merit of NUST has been increasing day by day.It was far more easy to get admission at NUST a few years ago.But now the case is not same.It is now more difficult for the students to get admission in their desired fields.Keeping in view the merit increasing trends… (7 comments)

How to Get Scholarship at NUST
How to Get Scholarship at NUST   NUST is recognized as one of the best universities in Pakistan as well as in the world. But everybody can not afford to study in such a prestigious institute.Everybody has his own needs.Different people have different lifestyles.People in Pakistan are categorized into three kinds.One who is rich enough… (2 comments)

CSDiFO – International Conference on Cyber Security and Digital Forensics!
International Conference on Cyber Security and Digital Forensics NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences successfully conducted International Conference on cyber security and digital forensics which ended on Thursday, 8th December,2016. This conference was held by NUST-SEECS in collaboration with HEC, TeraData, Cisco, Microsoft, SNSKIES, CSA, and IBM. The conference aimed to promote teaching… (0 comment)

The Preliminary “azaadi feels” If Nust hostel life is your first experience at hostel life then you would definitely be excited as hell to have those “azaadi feels”. Spending 24/7  with your mates chilling around is really a fantasy for a typical Pakistani girl. And the beauty of Nust makes it all look like a… (8 comments)

8 Things That Make You Proud of NUST!
8 Things That Make You Proud of NUST :  NUST is believed to be the most prestigious university of Pakistan. It is the leader in the field of sciences and technology. There are some facts about NUST which make its students proud of their institution. They feel proud in being a part of NUST. 8… (3 comments)

Most Important MCQ’s of Physics Part 1 ( Chapter 7-10 )
Most Important MCQ’s of Physics Fsc Part 1 A physical system undergoing forced vibrations is called harmonic oscillator          (b) driven oscillator (c) damped oscillator       (d) all of these   The waves produced in a microwave oven have a frequency equal to 2450 Hz                     (b) 2450 kHz (c) 2450 MHz                  … (1 comment)