NUST Societies! What really are they and what for?
NUST Societies Well guys! Many of you would not know about societies working at NUST. So what societies do is just that the student  bodies that manage all the activities going around and in NUST.NUST Societies. 8 Things That Make You Proud of NUST! Besides showing academic excellence, they also show  creative co-curricular activities. In order to… (3 comments)

The Preliminary “azaadi feels” If Nust hostel life is your first experience at hostel life then you would definitely be excited as hell to have those “azaadi feels”. Spending 24/7  with your mates chilling around is really a fantasy for a typical Pakistani girl. And the beauty of Nust makes it all look like a… (8 comments)

8 Things That Make You Proud of NUST!
8 Things That Make You Proud of NUST :  NUST is believed to be the most prestigious university of Pakistan. It is the leader in the field of sciences and technology. There are some facts about NUST which make its students proud of their institution. They feel proud in being a part of NUST. 8… (3 comments)

Things You Must Know about NUST Before Joining It
Things You Must Know about NUST Things You Must Know about NUST : Considering the arrival of NET 1 test which is conducted by NUST every year, many students are sometimes discouraged about the non-Islamic or western environment provided by NUST while there is nothing as such about this prestigious university. NUST is an  internationally… (10 comments)