DICE 2016 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Mega Event
DICE NUST DICE marks the confluence of Industry and academia; where minds meet mazuma; where innovation meets implementation; where entrepreneurship is topic du jour; where mantra is ‘innovate irrespective of affluence or deep pockets and become integral to thriving economy.’ DICE’s vision is to foster an innovation & entrepreneurship culture in Pakistan and help it… (0 comment)

NUST Societies! What really are they and what for?
NUST Societies Well guys! Many of you would not know about societies working at NUST. So what societies do is just that the student  bodies that manage all the activities going around and in NUST.NUST Societies. 8 Things That Make You Proud of NUST! Besides showing academic excellence, they also show  creative co-curricular activities. In order to… (3 comments)