DICE 2016 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Mega Event



DICE marks the confluence of Industry and academia; where minds meet mazuma; where innovation meets implementation; where entrepreneurship is topic du jour; where mantra is ‘innovate irrespective of affluence or deep pockets and become integral to thriving economy.’

DICE’s vision is to foster an innovation & entrepreneurship culture in Pakistan and help it achieve innovation-driven rapid socio-economic development. Bringing ‘digital revolution’ at all levels to Pakistan is among their basic motives.

This year too, hundreds of applications poured in for participation in this 2-day long DICE Mega event. Students hailing from all over Pakistan turned up with innovative projects and business plans.

Housed at the occasion were the project stalls and demonstrative setups depicting innovation and technology. With ebullient evidence that industry should meet innovators (often considered aloof from each other); industry-academia alliances got proved as indispensable therein DICE.



Sessions and symposia kept the days on the go. Industry-academia linkages and collaborations were vowed. Words of wisdom were hurled on young entrepreneurs and wannabes by some of the finest industrialists and entrepreneurs.

Some documentaries were shown at the seminars, featuring interviews of people including Dr. Arshad Ali (Executive Director, HEC), Dr. Abdul Ghafoor (Principal SMME, NUST) and many other notables including Dr. Khurshid Qureshi, President DICE Foundation USA.

In his speech, Dr. Khurshid hinted at initiating “Innovation basket”, an online platform for novel ideas-sharing which could do wonders in bringing a digital revolution in Pakistan. Some famous media houses covered the event. Scrumptious dinners and lunches were also key features of the event.

The filler events including EntrePrize and the Sufi Night were splendiferous. EntrePrize, a quiz show being one filler, filled colors in the all-technology and erudite event in which prizes were imparted to some of know-it-all-guys on answering some simple questions from domains esp. Engineering, Medicine, Humanities and Entrepreneurship.



After a thorough process of presentations, soliciting, grilling, and discussions between the upstanding panel of judges and the participants, winners were announced. Girls from HEJ Karachi bagged 1st prize for ‘heart attack detection device’ and COMSATS Islamabad team stood 1st for enhancing the efficiency of infrared solar cells using nanorods in group B. UVAS Lahore also made it to the top with their ‘fast mechanical services’. Similarly a budding entrepreneur and a SEECSian Hamza Afridi also introduced one of the most promising startups at NUST, CYKIQ, and won first prize in group A. An intelligent home surveillance system ANZEN was launched by Dr. Yasar Ayaz’s team during DICE ‘16.

Some projects from renowned industries were also on the display with representatives to guide the students, marking the concordance between Industry and varsity individuals.

The event was all in all a great success and a step towards better and innovative Pakistan. Wait. It doesn’t end here, it’s just a beginning.

Kudos to all the volunteers and organizing committee of DICE ’16 Mega Event for putting all this in order! From accommodation to smooth execution of all escapades, our team kept it all in fine fettle.


About the writer: The writer is Director Publications at DICE NUST Student Chapter.

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