Fee Structure of NUST

Fee Structure of NUST

Fee structure of NUST

Studying at NUST is the dream of every single Pakistani student.It is because of its Top Ranking in Pakistan and its World Class ranking.But Most of the students cannot afford to study at NUST.Here we are providing you the complete fee structure of NUST to make you aware of the expenses ahead.Fee structure of NUST islamabad.

Admission fee of NUST:

Admission Fee of NUST is Rs.35,000 for Pakistani students and USD 600 for international students.Moreover, there is also a security fee which is Rs.10,000 for Pakistani students and USD 250 for international students.This security fee is refundable and will be paid to you after you complete your degree.

Tution Fee:

The tution fee for the students of  Engineering/IT, Bio Sciences & Natural Sciences is Rs.82,000 per semester and for those who are international,the fee is USD 3500 per annum.

For the students of  Architecture, Social Sciences & Business Studies,it is Rs.95,000 and it is same as above for international students.

Medical Fee:

Medical is free for Pakistani students and for international students,it is USD 120 per annum.

Hostel Fee:

The hostel fee structure is as follows:

Category National
Single Student:
Single occupancy                
(with attached bath) 
Rs. 5800 USD  70
Double occupancy              
(with attached bath) 
Rs. 4800 USD  60
Double occupancy                
(with community bath)
Rs. 4300 USD  50
Triple occupancy                 
(with community bath)
Rs. 3500 USD  40
Married Student:
One bedroom apartment Rs. 9000 USD  120
Two bedroom apartment  Rs. 13000 USD  170
Security (refundable) Rs. 10000 USD  117

You have to deposit the hostel fee per semester.

There is no extra fee for Laundry.It is included in the Above fee.

Mess Fee:

Mess fee of NUST hostels is Rs.150 per day.It includes Breakfast, Lunch and dinner.We can get our mess off for at least 5 days and at most 15 days if we want.Mess fee is to be deposited monthly.


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