How to Prepare For NET


How to Prepare For NET

It’s a period of 4 years which everyone has to pass through to make his dreams come true. Dream to become an engineer, a doctor, a businessman, an economist or else. But on the top of it, you have to get into some institute (probably the best) to achieve purpose. The most important thing that comes to one’s mind when he starts preparing for ENTRANCE TESTS is that how to prepare. All your endeavours will get to fruition if you make best out of preparation and get into any good university. Let me make one thing clear to you that life isn’t going to be as easy as you have presumed after getting into university and getting rid of loads of books and notes of F.Sc. and Matric.


How to Prepare For NET


  • There is NO USE OF JOINING ACADEMIES for this purpose. Rather than wasting your time and money there, your focal point should be to make clear your concepts. Give up cramming from the notes and books, give the topic a thorough read and then list out the important points written in it.


  • Entrance Test is not something that you can’t do without joining academy. Examiners won’t ask anything that you haven’t read rather they will check how much deep you know about the topic. A thorough reading of topics would be enough for preparation.


  • PHYSICS requires a complete understanding of book and concepts. Application of formulae is mandatory.


  • MATHS requires complete grasp on how to apply formulae on different situations.

Most Repeated Maths MCQ’s in NET

  • CHEMISTRY requires Cramming (unfortunately) but you have to if you want to get a good score in any test. Mostly, they ask about formulae and applications. ORGANIC chemistry part gives a hard time so be prepared for it. INORGANIC chemistry is completely Cram so do it.


  • ENGLISH: Don’t waste time on it. Mostly, they ask about VOCAB questions.  And you can only attempt those questions if you have good store of vocab. You cannot build your vocab in a day or two. However, you should know where to employ which form of verb and at least a slight tinge on putting right verb or word in blanks.

Most Repeated English Words in NET

  •  IQ questions depend on your IQ ability. The earlier you understand the problem, the earlier you will attempt it.

Intelligence Questions in NET


WORK HARD AND SMART. Don’t be just like a labourer doing his work and he doesn’t know what he is doing. So, be smart and practical towards your approach to different things.


Now, what strategy you should adopt while doing Entrance test.

During NET, Try to give more time to MATHS and PHYSICS portion as they make most of the paper. 80 and 60 questions respectively. Attempt ENGLISH and IQ on last.


Some Advices


I got simple tips :

  • Maths. Learn the formulas. Practice is required but there are about 20-30% questions which can solved by learning shortcuts or direct formulas .. In NET 20-30% means saving a lot of time.
  • Chemistry: cram the hell out of it.  RATTA is required. but don’t waste much time on it..
  • Physics: Clear your concepts and learn the formulas. No biggie, Its easy.
  • English: Learn the vocabulary words.. your vocabulary should be vast and advanced to ace the english part.
  • IQ : Practice a few questions, like 20-30 .Enough for you to learn the pattern of the IQ related questions.
  • FOCUS on the maths portion, don’t hurry , even if you spend like 30-45% of the allotted time on Maths portion, don’t worry.. Then focus on physics. English and chemistry does not take a lot of time. IQ takes some time but Maths portion takes the most time.

NET isn’t difficult but its diverse. The thing I don’t like about NETs is that there is no pattern or balance. For example: when I gave NET-2, most of the questions were related to the CONICS chapter but when I gave NET3 most of the questions were related to iota and matrix..

And my chemistry marks were same 19/30 in NET-2 and NET-3. I prepared for chemistry in NET-3 but like I told you, it didn’t help me much.. Focus on maths and physics.This should be enough.

Consideration Before NET

“So start it off today and try to cover your bi-year syllabus in two months.  Divide your work and do it in small portions. Like if you have 8 weeks, from today till NET–2, then you have ample time on your weekends to prepare well for them. Instead of watching movies and dramas, wasting time on Facebook, and WhatsApp give more time to your studies now. I hope you all will do best in your EXAMS and E-Tests too. We’ll try to give you as much as we can and help you to solve your queries well in time. Hope to see you soon at NUST.

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  1. Bro! I have got 121/200 in NET-2 2017, whats my chance at NBS and S3H?
    Matric 859/1100
    Fsc 870/1100

    Kahan kahan hosakta hai?

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    • You need to improve.Get over 127 to secure yourself.

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