Most Important Points of Biology For NET

Most Important Points of Biology For Entry Test

Most Important Points of Biology For Entry Test

Most Important Points of Biology For Entry Test : Here are some points which are taken from Biology book from both Part-1 and Part-2.If you are willing to give NUST Entry Test or any other Entry test then these points will help you a lot.Do learn these points carefully.We guarantee that they will enable you to solve the Biology section of the Exam more easily.

1- Cutin is a lipid. It is not a protein.
2- Sucrose is a non-reducing sugar.
3- Isoprenoids are monomers of carotenoids, steroids and terpenes.
4- ATP, RuBP, NADP all have ribose sugar in them
5- Most enzymes work at slightly Alkaline pH.
6- With each cardiac output Kidney receives 10 %.{ both Kidneys receive 20 %}
7- In a molecule of DNA, nucleotides are linked both vertically and horizontally.
8- Tetroses are least abundant carbohydrates in nature.
9- Charged pores in a cell membrane are formed by Channel proteins.
10- Cytokinesis is the division of CELL after the division of the cytoplasm. It is not the division of the cytoplasm.
11- Bacterial chromosome has DNA only, nothing else.
12-NOSTOC lacks mitochondria and hence it is not present.
13- Chromosome condensation is at PEAK in METAPHASE phase.
14- All those sugars ending in ”close” are KETO SUGARS {exceptions are Fructose and
Dihydroxyacetone}, these are also keto.
15- Agar, Pectin, Starch do not contain NITROGEN in them.
16- CHITIN has NITROGEN in it.
17- Alkaloids {Nicotine, Daturine and Atropine} are frequently present in SOLANACEAE family.
18- Acoelomates, Pseudocoelomates, Coelomates ALL have MESODERM in them.
19-CAPSID of Polio Virus is SPHERICAL in shape.
20- ENDOSPORES are formed during DECLINE phase.

21-Spores are formed during ASEXUAL reproduction in Rhizopus.
22-Most superficial infections are caused by Duetromycetes fungi.
23-RED ALGAE also help in Coral formation.
24-Secondary host of Liver fluke is SNAIL.
25-TRANSDUCED bacterium has three types of DNA in it. {Of itself, of other bacteria and of Virus}
26-RHIZOPUS is Aseptate and Multinucleate.
27-Bacteriophage is always DNA, it cannot have RNA.
28-First organ system ever developed in evolution after formation of Mesoderm is neither Digestive, nor Nervous but it is EXCRETORY system by PLATYHELMENTHES.
29-HYDRA has no specialized muscle cells because it lacks MESODERM.
30-Triploblastic animals with radial symmetry are not Coelenterates, Arthropoda, and Chordates.
31-Mesoderm has originated from cell extensions of ectoderm and endoderm.
32-In most of the animals around us OPEN TYPE blood circulation is present.
33-Longest part of Digestive system is ILEUM.
34-innermost layer of digestive systems is MUCOSA.
35- Pancreas is involved in Chemical digestion of LIPIDS.
36-Mucous is made of Glycoprotein.
37-Trypsinogen is activated by Enterokinase enzyme.
38-Ciliated Epithelial cells are present in TRACHEA.
39-Respiratory surface is 2-cell thick.
40-CO, carbon monoxide has highest affinity for Hemoglobin- 41-Ptaylin works on the food when it passes through esophagus.
42- One fatty acid does not combine with another fatty acid and hence no linkage is present in two fatty acids.
43-An oxygen molecule in an alveolar space crosses 5 membranes till it reaches our red blood cells.
44- Hemoglobin can carry both CO and CO2, 02 and CO2 simultaneously.
45- Pappilary muscles are extensions of Endocardium.
46-In case of fungal infections Eosinophils increases in numbers.
47-Lymph flow requires a strong pumping by blood.
48-Mitral valve is also known as Bicuspid valve.
49-Urinogenital tract is also known as Urethra.
50-Maximum reabsorption of water takes place in Proximal Convoluted Tubule.

51-Covering of Kidneys is Fibrous capsule.
52-Kidney interstitium is related to Aldosterone for more concentration.
53-Hepatic Vein has maximum amount of Urea.
54-Antibodies are transferred from mother to both fetus and Neonate.
55-Interferon are the antibiotics produced against viral attack.
56-Maturation of sperms takes place in Epididymus.
57-Thickest layer of female reproductive tract is Myometrium.
58-First polar body is present along with secondary oocyte.
59-Thickest endometrium is present just before Menstruation.
60-Bulbouretheral gland performs the function of neutralization of urine and lubrication.
61-Testosterone is secreted in human male before birth.
62-Ovulation relates to the release of secondary oocyte.
63-Olecranium process is the process involved in locking Ulna and Elbow joint.
64-Smooth muscles first time appeared in Phylum Platyhelmenthes.
65-Digestion is not controlled by Cerebrum.
66-Medulla connects brain with spinal cord.
67-Adrenaline and nor-adrenaline are synergistic.
68-Veinous blood contains hormones.
69-Posterior lobe of Pituitary secretes ADH, secretes Oxytocin but does not synthesize any hormone.
70-Adrenaline dilates the pupil and ATROPINE also has the same function.
71-Sense organs like ears, eyes and nose are controlled directly by forebrain.
72-Neuroglial cells are actually SCHWANN cells.
73-T-1 refers to producers, T-2 refers to primary consumers, T-3 refers to secondary consumers and
T-4 refers to tertiary consumers.
74-Mycorhiza is an association between plants growing in Acidic soil.
75-Leaves are eaten by caterpillars and caterpillars are eaten by black birds.
76-Grasses are resistant to grazing due to underground stem.
77-Pesticide kills both insects and weeds.
78-Stability in system is related to Food Web; more complex the web, the more is stability of the system.
79-Symbiosis most correctly refers to living together of two organisms.
80-Herbivores are reffered to as Primary Consumers and hence possess maximum amount of energy. 81-A car parked in sunlight and its temperature is higher than outside. It is an example of Green house effect phenomenon.

82-10% energy flows from one level to another rof the total amount of energy.
83-Relation between T2 and T1 is GRAZING.
84-relation between T2 and T3 is called Predation.
85-Green house gases are CO2 and CFCs.
86-Food web is beneficial with more number of chains in it.
87-Parasitism, Commensalism and Mutualism can be present between the same species.
88-Retrovirus is used for Gene Therapy.
89-20 RNA nucleotides in the primer of PCR.
90-Male and female has more number of genes and more number of alleles respectively.
91-Autosomal diseases include color blindness and hemophilia.
92-Bombay disease refers to lack of an attacement factor.
93-50% RBC make composition of blood.
94-Community is a biotic factor of the ecosystem.
95-Golgi apparatus is absent in Blue green algae which is a prokaryote.
96-Asperigillus is an example of Brown mold.
97-Atropine and Adrenaline are synergistic.
98-Enterobius Vermicularis is present in Large intestine.
99-Primase plays the role of first logical step in the process of DNA replication.
100-During replication nucleotides used are triphosphates.
101-Golgi vesicles forming Golgi apparatus probably bud off from Smooth endoplasmic reticulum.
102-Hollow peristaltic contractions are called Hunger pangs.
103-Glycerol is absorbed in VILLI.
104-Carbonic acid is formed red blood cells.
105-Semilunar valves are present in heart, blood vessels and lymph vessels.
106-Granulocytes are polymorpho nuclear in nature.
107-Lithotripsy removes all types of stones present in gall bladder, urinary bladder and Kidney. 108-Eosinophil and Basophil are antagonistic to each other.
109-Fibrinogen, Thrombocytes and Basophills all are involved in clotting of blood directly or indirectly.
110-Basophills release Heparin.

127-Wheat grain is seed as well as fruit.
128-Structural unit Reflex action is Neuron.
129-Nerve Tracts are part of Central Nervous System.
130-Secretion of Histamine by Basophills is sometimes related with use of Penicillin.
131-Carotid Labyrinth is a swallowing at the base of carotid artery and its function is to maintain the pressure of blood.
132-Most common form of glucose is in Ring form.

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