NUST Hostel Life – A Boys Perspective

NUST Hostel Life

NUST Hostel Life

Hotel Life is a dream life for most of the students who have not experienced it before. They are excited at joining hostel and living an independent life. A life in which you have to do everything on your own and there is no one to put limits on you. You feel like an eagle in a cage, who is soon to be released and soon will be flying high in the sky.

Hostel life has many different shades, some of them can be amazing while some can be not so good.

  1. Compatible Roommates:

    Your roommates are usually your batch fellows and your age fellows. You are in the company of each other most of the time and thus you develop a good understanding and can have a lot of fun and good time. You do not feel alone, as you have a person with whom you can share your feelings.

  2. Campus Life:

    Hostelites are the people who enjoy campus life fully. They remain at the campus 24 hours a day. The campus roads, libraries and cafe’s are filled with hostelites until late at night.

  3. A Big Social Circle:

    The Hostelites are like family for each other. They are each other’s neighbours and they are the ones who develop an environment of friendship and mutual care. This is the environment where you can actually stay with your friends 24-hours a day.

  4. Gaming and Movie Scene:

    The immediate weekends after exams are the best days for all students including Hostelites. They enjoy these weekend nights by gathering in one room and watching a movie together or sometimes playing multiplayer games together all-night.                                                                                                                                                                        NUST Hostel Life

  5. Hostel Food – Mess:

    NUST Hostels food is good most of the times, but no matter how good the food is, you can never stop yourself from missing the food back at your home. The Mess menu changes every month so there are always new dishes waiting for you.NUST Hostels have no doubt one of the best dishes.

  6. Attendance:

    You have to get out of your bed daily at 10:30 PM to go to the hostel manager’s office and show your thumb to that bio-metric attendance device.This system ensures you do not stay late out of hostel. Good were the days when it was all manual system!

  7. Unannounced Visits of Manager:

    You will definitely experience an unannounced visit of Hostel Manager to your room once in every 2 months. He will advise to keep your room tidy and all that stuff. You have to be prepared for it if it hasn’t happened to you for last 2 months.

  8. Mysterious Electric Kettles:

    Electric Kettles disappear during night from your floor. Then you have to use kettle of another floor and you may bring it in your room if you too want to become a part of the mystery! 😛                                                                            NUST Hostel Life

  9. Laundry:

    It is a blessing that NUST Hostels have free Laundry. You can get your clothes washed 2 times in a week. And you can get them pressed two times in a day. I have just a little complaint, they close the laundry at 7 PM. But it is not a that big issue I think.

  10. Home Sickness:

    Everyone experiences home-sickness, mostly in the first few days of joining hostel or most exactly, on your first weekend at hostel. You have to remain busy to avoid it. Talking to family on phone or Skype can make you believe for a moment that you are in home, but the home-sickness will attack you again if you are not busy.But being with friends is a fancy Chill ;-).

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  1. The header is about Boy’s hostel but the article contains the sub header girl’s hostel. You should probably fix that

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    • Thanks for your time sir.But its not a sub-header.Its actually another post.Its there for those who want to know how’s the hostel life for girls.

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