Nust Hostel Life – A girl’s perspective

NUST Hostels for Girls

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The Preliminary “azaadi feels”

If Nust hostel life is your first experience at hostel life then you would definitely be excited as hell to have those “azaadi feels”. Spending 24/7  with your mates chilling around is really a fantasy for a typical Pakistani girl. And the beauty of Nust makes it all look like a dream come true but don’t get lost in the beauty around because curfew is way too real girls :p

The “Hitler” Squad

No matter how nice of a person you have been all your  life , you definitely won’t have the patience to tolerate the atrocities of the “ hitler squad” (namely care taker and warden) * not really just an exaggeration* 😉 NUST Hostels for Girls.

Those jealous vibes you get from NBS/S3H girls
NBS/S3H girls are truly the “waili awaam”of  Nust.And when you see them attending 2-3 lectures a day when you have 5-6 lectures a day it hurts… it hurts so damn hard  *internal screaming*

The agony of having a SADA roomie

SADA girls are the most hard working people you’ll see in Nust hostels but yes they have all those so scattered “art pieces” which definitely don’t excite the roomies.And SADA girls are no less than vampires who keep working all night that means no lights out for you to sleep.So if you get a hostel room with one of the SADA girls …umm..what do I say…best of luck with that 😉

Those annoying birthdays

NUST Hostels for Girls.And yes you are going to hear “happy birthday” screams every next day and the whole night would be a nightmare music party. Wanna stop? Call the care taker, grab some popcorn and let the fun begin *evil laugh*

Kia yeh khula tazaad nahi?!

It’s such a discrimination that boys can get biseaters in their first years while girls can’t.Moreover they have a curfew time 11:00 pm unlike girls who have their curfew at 9:30 pm.Akhir kiuuu??? *dramatically*

Types of squads

Inside the hostels you’ll see a number of different squads ,mainly these three : the introvert squad : the ones who won’t let anyone know if they’re alive or not :p the extrovert squad ; who have their rooms named “adda” as the place where all the fun loving mates gather for “shugal”. And then comes the moody squad ; the ones who are friendly sometimes and other times are like ‘hum apkay hain kon?” :p There are the confused ones too who don’t know where they belong so they end up being “lottas” *winks*

The always fashionable Ayesha, Zainab comparison

The comparison between Ayesha and Zainab hostels is never out of fashion.Though the environment of Zainab is more serene but nothing can beat Ayesha ki “garam roti”  *starry eyed*

Awkward Meet and Greet

Ofcourse you cannot remember the names of all the mates around but if you are someone with not a good grip on remembering names then your hostel life is going to be filled with thousands of awkward scenes , a lot more than the normal ones 😉

Hostel Mess

If you are a foodie then Nust hostel mess won’t make you very happy but will not make you even sad at times and will make you remember all the times when you rejected food made by your mama dear .But nothing can beat Thursday ki biryani and unlimited drinks (limited for boys :p)

But no matter what you’re gonna enjoy your life at Nust hostels kiu k Nust ka level hai dude ^_^

Written By Aroma Tahir   ( BBA NBS Batch 2k16)

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  1. Every part of this article is absolutely right.

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    • It should be..As its written by a hostelite from NUST hostel..

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    • At present,it is 11 for boys and 9:30 for girls but they are planning to extend the timings.

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