CSDiFO – International Conference on Cyber Security and Digital Forensics!

International Conference on Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences successfully conducted International Conference on cyber security and digital forensics which ended on Thursday, 8th December,2016.

International Conference on Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

This conference was held by NUST-SEECS in collaboration with HEC, TeraData, Cisco, Microsoft, SNSKIES, CSA, and IBM. The conference aimed to promote teaching of secure coding at basic level and to make computer codes non-vulnerable against security threads.

Activity At Conference

A total of 6 speakers were invited to speak, all of which belonged to industry. Most of them were from multinational companies which have a direct relation with cyber security and digital forensics. The audience included students and staff of SEECS, and some representatives of renowned industries. The speakers focused on importance of cyber security and how it can benefit the society if we start making useful programs for the society. “The world of hacking is so cruel that it is time to update our software development techniques, and it is essential to adopt the latest security measures”, emphasized the speakers. They used some examples from most recent projects they worked on. And proved the significance of this in our today’s society.

International Conference on Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

Response of Audience

The audience took a deep interest in this global issue and listened to their arguments very attentively. When speakers completed their sessions, the audience asked some serious questions and raised the problems they see in future regarding personal security. The questions were ell-answered.

Then finally, principal SEECS Mr. Zaidi came to stage for some final words. He payed gratitude to all the speakers, guests from industry and the audience for making the conference such a big success.


This conference gave a new direction of thinking to the students of Software Engineering and Computer Sciences. It actually taught them that simply coding something is never safe. Every information passing through old-code is vulnerable to hackers and the students of NUST have to make their products secure.

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