SEECS Announces Welcome Party 2016

SEECS Announces Welcome Party 2016 : School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences(SEECS)-NUST is once again ready to give something special to the freshmen batch, after the mega success of the “Week of Welcome’16”. This time it is Welcome Party’16. It is going to be held on 2nd December, 2106. Everyone at SEECS, from a Dean to a Peon are playing their part in the preparations of the upcoming event.

The Sophomores(Second Year Students) are in-charge of all the stage activities and the management of the event is  under SGA(SEECS Student Association). The planning for the event was started months ago, and now, the preparations are coming to an end.

SEECS Announces Welcome Party 2016

SEECS Announces Welcome Party 2016

A Performance at Welcome’15 Source : SGA


SEECS Sophomores have still not revealed the performances and things they have to show to their freshmen on The Welcome Evening. But the nature of these things can be predicted from the last year’s welcome party.

Sophomores are in contact with the Freshmen batch using the chain of Class Representatives and Batch Presidents of both the batches. Regular meetings of CRs and Batch presidents are being held to ensure the maximum coordination of sophomores and Freshmen in Welcome’16.

Sophomores are probably shooting a welcome video, for which they are picking random guys and girls from freshmen batch and shooting brief scenes with them. These scenes are very random ones, including a dance in headlights of car in parking lot to a rap in hoodies. Most probably, they will join these scenes to make an introductory video, which will be used ultimately on Welcome’16 evening to introduce the freshmen batch with their sophomores and with their own batch fellows.

SEECS Announces Welcome Party 2016

Stage at Welcome’15 Source: SGA

Party Theme

The Theme Decided by organizers is:

“A Night Among The Stars!”

This Theme requires the participants to come in dress-code of BWG (Black-White-Golden). Formal Dressing is advised with a mix of these colors. One can choose all of them or any two of these three colors. This will make a unique environment of uniformity which would definitely allow freshmen to get some relaxed free time after the hectic routine of OHT-1(First-Mids) Exams.

SEECS Announces Welcome Party 2016

SEECS Principal at Welcome’15 Source: SGA

So, for those who want to join SEECS-NUST next year, this is what you will experience in here. And for those who are from freshmen batch,team “thenustian” ¬†welcomes you to NUST, Enjoy your welcome party and spend some quality time here at NUST.
Best of Luck Everyone!

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