Things to Avoid During NET

Things to Avoid During NUST Entry Test

Things to Avoid During NUST Entry Test

NET days are approaching and the tension and nervousness of students are also rising day by day.Here we come with a list of things based on the experience of Seniors that you must avoid during the Test.Please avoid the following things if you want to be treated well in during the Test.


  •  Do not exchange any kind of stuff like ball point,Water bottle etc.The stuff like that will be provided you before the start of Test. Just keep yourself to yourself.Be as cool as you can.


  • Don’t try to approach any invigilator even if he/she is your relative.This will leave your bad impact on all the Exam co-ordinators.They will feel that you are just making the invigilator frank to get some sort of help during the Test.This is against their policy and can have very harsh result.

Things to Avoid During NUST Entry Test



  • DO NOT try to look here and there as it is just like inviting the evil to kill you. As a student looks somewhere,he becomes a suspicious creature for the invigilators and has to face more strictness than others.


  • Don’t try to discuss any of the things with your fellow students.This can kick you out of the exam hall and you will not be able to solve the paper anymore.


  • It is even mentioned on the Roll number slip to avoid things like Mobile phone,USB or calculator.SO try not to bring any of the things.If accidently you have such stuff with you,hand it over to the invigilator instantly.Otherwise, you may have to face very strict action.



  • Same like above,if you have any kind of helping material with you,just give it to the staff. Otherwise, pray to God that you don’t get captured.


  • Don’t try to mess up with the software on the Computer.Just follow the instructions by the Examiner.Don’t try to use your namely tricks to open the software.This might be possible that your computer gets frozen and you get a portion of your time wasted because even a single minute has its own importance.The exam comes on the computer screen only at the particular starting point and ends at the specified time.

And Good luck For the Test!Be Confident.

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