Things You Must Know about NUST Before Joining It

Things You Must Know about NUST Before Joining It
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Things You Must Know about NUST

Things You Must Know about NUST

Things You Must Know about NUST : Considering the arrival of NET 1 test which is conducted by NUST every year, many students are sometimes discouraged about the non-Islamic or western environment provided by NUST while there is nothing as such about this prestigious university.

NUST is an †internationally recognized †educational institution.

If those people would have studied at NUST then they would have known about †environment provided by NUST which has a lot of disciplined factors in it and committed and focused approach of the NUST faculty and administration and not following their perception about the environment i.e., sleeveless dresses worn by female students and boys wearing Bermuda shorts.

Hardworking students hailing from corners of Pakistan feel confident to pursue their further studies at NUST where people with negative notions are not allowed.

NUST† never invites students to just come and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere provided by NUST; rather it inducts students after a test throughout Pakistan based on merit only.Itís a pity if the public sees NUST something this negative† as a whole.

NUST sends a booklet mentioning the do’s or do not’s which emphasize on wearing a decent dress. This booklet is signed by students and parents for their compliance.If some students do not like the decent environment provided by NUST, then he/ she is not forced to study at NUST. He/She is allowed to join some cinema rather than studying in this prestigious institution.

NUST not only teaches and prepares †its students but also grooms them to be better professionals so that they would succeed in the professional world. With regards to military faculty at NUST, one must understand that initially there was not a single †campus of the university† in Islamabad and military colleges were the only †sister educational institutes at that point. That is the reason †we still see military faculty on the campus and that is a plus point regarding the discipline we see at NUST.

Things You Must Know about NUST

Things You Must Know about NUST

Now, As a student of NUST. I myself could not bear what people write about something which they themselves donít know.

Looking at the worth and value of NUST degree in the market. NUSTís talented engineers, creative and exemplary staff , NUSTís ranking, and its Societies working for a Better tomorrow. Only by picking one minor †issue, students are wasting time in talks and just putting their own education at stake.

Universities prepare you only for practical life ahead; they shape and groom you up and set your mind right according to the demands of the professional world and thatís what universities is really about. I am pretty sure if the same situation was prevailing in some other western or foreign †university, our students would not have objected their orders and must have obeyed the orders without making a scene about it.During my student life, we were all asked to follow the formal dress code as university wanted to prepare us for the practical and business world ahead.

Try to highlight some of the many NUSTís achievements too, giving people a pretty good chance to see NUST as a prestigious institution and giving the students a hope to apply for NUST as they get the most out of it.



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