Things You Must Know Before Giving NET

Things You Must Know Before Giving NUST Entry Test

Things You Must Know Before Giving NUST Entry Test

Things You Must Know Before Giving NUST Entry Test : When the days are closing in and whose tests, those mind swelling tests get just round the corner you , feel nervous and a bit tensed and feel like you’re almost forgetting everything you just learned. Believe me! Everyone goes through this and there’s no turning back.

Things You Must Know Before Giving NUST Entry Test

I remember in my days when NET 1 date was closing in I had a mindset that the paper would be easy as It will all come from First year and would be conceptual but that was not the case. I didn’t study hard just wandering through the pages of my PUNJAB TEXTBOOK and watching Videos like Life at NUST with mixed episodes of Britain’s got talent :’). But I regret it. Believe me. As someone once said,

          “One should learn from the mistakes of others”

So peeps here are the few things you should know before giving the mother of all tests, The NET,

  • Sorry for all those people who are saying right now, ‘Yar mera tu jaldi sojana 12 bajay hota hai!
  • Never keep awake late night. By this I mean sleep at sharp 10 11 pm even if your test is at the afternoon shift.
  • Make the key points of what you think is difficult to learn. And try not to rote memorize things. It won’t help you seriously.
  • Try to solve some random past NET MCQs that would be available on web easily. You can then easily get to know about your incredibly clear concepts .
  • Do not get freaked out by remembering tomorrow is the ultimate test cuz firstly ,there are 3 NETs and secondly, Its not the end of world.
  • Pray a lot ,a lot and a lot!
  • Manage your time well enough.

Moreover,We will upload a MCQ’s file in a day or so.DO read it well before NET-1.It contains the most repeated MCQ’s in NUST Entry Tests.

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  1. I wish that someone had given me these pieces of advice at my time then ;(
    Surely,it would help. I’ve got admission but not in desired field…..

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  2. Do upload the most frequently asked questions. I’ll be grateful.

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    • They are coming soon…Keep visiting

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  3. Please send me past NET paper for mass communication and media studies. Especially of maths becuause I was a pre-medical student so I have no idea about doing maths

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