Which Field To Select at NUST

Which Field To Select at NUST

Which Field To Select

 So peeps apart from the matter of how to achieve a high score in NET. The matter which rises now is what field should we select after scoring required marks in NET.

There are a lot of fields to select in NUST.

Engineering, IT and Computer Science

  • Bachelor of Environmental Engineering

This needs no explaining obviously. This engineering deals with environmental issues.

  • Bachelor of Geoinformatics Engineering

This engineering deals with the EARTH. And all the things related to it.

  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering

This engineering deals with all the aspects regarding construction of buildings,roads and structure.

  • Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

Deals with the chemicals you see including cosmestics, oils and everything that comes from living things (FSC definition).

  • Bachelor of Materials Engineering

Deals with materials from a simple pin to large materials.

This also needs no explanation. If you are in to designing circuits and working with electricity to innovate new things then this the engineering you need to choose.

  • Bachelor of Software Engineering

For the software lovers. and for those peeps who like to develop new apps and most importantly to make games.

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Its a mixture of both software and computer hardware. You get a chance to learn these both things.

  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Have a dream to make a super car then this is the field to apply. From simple motors to big turbines, a mechanical engineer is always involved.

  • Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering

This deals with designing of air crafts.

  • Bachelor of Avionics Engineering

This deals with all the circuitry in air crafts and their electronic systems.

  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

This deals with the world of maths. For math lovers.

  • Bachelor of Science in Physics

For physics lovers. What can I say more!

This field is to select when you want to design some awesome buildings.

Which Field To Select

  • Bachelor of Industrial Design

For product designing. In this engineering you design any new product that can be produced on a large scale or update the existing designs to make products more favourable for use.

  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Biosciences

This is one of the most popular fields in the world. It is the combination of both biology and science. Want to make a robotics hand ? then go in this field if you have this dream.

For business and social sciences , we will try to elaborate them in the next post pretty soon.


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  1. Missed Bachelor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering.

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  2. Can you tell me about aeronautical enginering merit in net

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