Why to Choose NUST?

Why to choose NUST?

Why to Choose NUST

Medical Centre

Why to Choose NUST

NUST has one of the best medical centers and it believes in both a healthy and intellectual student.

A Semi-Army Institute

NUST along with Army have always joined hands for a better future of Pakistan. Army is praised throughout Pakistan and same is NUST.

Teaching Methodology 

Why to Choose NUST

NUST believes in a conceptual approach for studies not just cramming and rote memorization. Due to this, two exams (OHTs) are taken instead of one midterm followed in other universities so that the students could be better assessed.


Why to Choose NUST

NUST has the best faculty you could ever find. If the faculty is not at par with the students then nothing can be achieved. NUST ensures that their faculty are top notch and believe me you will find the faculty the best(most probably the junior faculty).

An Active Institute

Why to Choose NUST

NUST is the most up to date university with the current world. Its pages are quite popular on social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram, snap chat etc. Be it anything ranging from societies to entry test groups and from lip-dubs to seminars, you will always see the word NUST coming up in them.

Entrance Test

Why to Choose NUST

NUST’s difficult entry test makes it special in contrast with other universities. NUST conducts both paper based and computer based tests and only those people are inducted who are the best of the best. A quite good example can be quoted of this year’s statistics that about 70,000 people applied and only about 3500 people were selected. So by analyzing this we can get quite a good view that why NUST is praised country wide.


NUST has the best security. The security inside NUST premises is taken very seriously and that is why in NUST, you feel safer than ever. 24/7 the guards are present on duty and the QRF( Quick Reaction Force) is always active.


There are countless reasons if I start to answer why to choose NUST. But I assure you NUST  is the best and always have been.

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