These Things Can Help You Score High in NET!!!

Things That Can Help You Score High in NUST Entry Test

Things That Can Help You Score High in NUST Entry Test: NUST Entrance test is the test where thousands of students apply. But a few hundreds of them are selected. This is  because NUST has seats for hardly 5% of the students taking this test. Its is not the limitation of NUST, as NUST is always in the process of continuous expansion of seats. It is the priority that students of Pakistan give to this university over all the other universities of Pakistan.

Things That Can Help You Score High in NUST Entry Test

Talking about NET, it is considered one of the most difficult tests by most of the students. Everyone tries his best, but in his own way. This difference in their ways of doing things makes a huge difference in their scores of NET.

Some of the most important skills are:

1. Strong Determination

You should have a very strong determination to succeed while giving NET. Having determination never makes you tired of working. It will make everything interesting and will make the test and preparation exciting for you.

Determination is the key to eliminate the depression which is faced by many students after the results of NET.

Things that can help you score high in nust entry testThe quote says it all why you should focus and ponder over this point.

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2. Believing in Yourself

Do you ever feel hesitation while entering into exam hall? or a sense of incompleteness while giving exam? If you experience it, then maybe you are probably not trying to believe in yourself.
Remember that you are a unique person and you have your set of qualities which nobody in the world possess all as a whole. You should be confident enough to claim that you can succeed in any exam of the world. Self-confidence can take you higher at any stage of life. Even if you think you are living in a fool’s paradise, just believe it. Do it and you will see the positive energy it gives you!

Things that can help you score high in nust entry test

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3. Perceiving the MCQ Options

You should study well before the exam. But still, most of the students have weak concepts on some certain topics. Therefore, they panic when they see questions from their weak topics. There are some very simple techniques which can be used to tackle such MCQs.

  1. “All of These” and “None of these” are correct answers most of the times. If you do not know the answer, try one of these. there is a 90% more chance that it will be correct as compared to a random guess.
  2. Try the method of Elimination. That is, eliminate the options which you think can’t be the answer, then guess the answer between the remaining options. This will increase the probability of your answer being correct.
  3. Some MCQs have same words with different orders in the options. You will notice that 3 options are a slight alterations of one single option. If that is the case, that on option is your answer.
  4. If all the statements are of almost same length but one option has a relatively longer statement,
    Choose the longest option. Because the examiner never struggles to write a long statement which is wrong. Long statements are the correct answers 90% of the times.
  5. If you can see that 2 options are correct and there is also an “All of these” option, do not waste time in checking the third option. Just go for “All of These”.
  6. In case all of the methods fail, and you have nothing to do except skipping that question, then mark B or C because most of the answers are either B or C.
  7. Never skip an MCQ in NET, as it has no negative marking. Attempt each and every question.

NOTE: Use these tricks only if you are guessing a question you don’t have knowledge of. Please study before test because knowledge is the most precious pearl.

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Do Not Panic

Yes, Do not panic, because panicking on those questions you do not know will cast an effect on your overall performance, even in those questions of which you have a good knowledge. Try to freshen up a bit before the test starts. Pray from Allah, remember some good moments of your life to remove the nervousness. And then give your full energy and enthusiasm to the test.

Adopt these things and I am sure if you are also a good student, you’ll succeed. Just remember someone has to fill the seats in NUST. Why not you?

Just be confident and be positive. NUST is waiting for you. Show your talents.
Best of luck everyone!

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